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Davis-area RUSA Permanents

Mount Diablo, 03.2011. Ramp repeats!

Howell Mountain, 02.2011

The top of Gates Canyon (mt. Vaca). 02.2011

Coming home Putah Creek Road. 01.2011

First sunny ride in 2011. Knoxville Road.

Meyer's Grade. 04.2010

My 1985 Fisher Montare pulling Kyra home from swim lessons in the Burley D'Light.

Riding Pat's custom Voodoo (March, 2006). Which naturally inspired me to build my own Voodoo. Roll over the image and you can see the difference that 3.5 years makes. March 2006 on Pat's bike wearing Pat's clothes - to November 2009 on my bike (and with my clothes!)

My own Voodoo.

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