Egg Beater Adapters

What do you do when you have Crank Brother Egg Beater pedals on all your bikes, and sometimes you just want to ride to the store, or to school, or you know that when you reach your destination that you definitely want street shoes over bike shoes? Well, you have a friend machine some awesome adapter plates for you, that's what you do!

I started with the Crank Bother's plastic platform adapter as a model. These are used at bike shops to allow people in street shoes to test-ride an Egg Beater-equipped bike. They only work for a few insertion/removals however, as the plastic wears pretty quickly. Using these, you never have any confidence to really push. Plus they offer very little traction.

I then set to work to come up with a model of what I wanted made out of plate Al. Creative use of cardboard, eh? After I roughed it out, I realized it needed to be bigger than I made it.

Two weeks after shipping off my cardboard model, I had them all done in Al. Sweet! There's nothing better than having skilled friends! Dom took my rough idea and made it real - adding a few of his own touches along the way. Here they are done. Upper left is the back side with cleat attached. Upper right is my cardboard model. Lower right is the Official Crank Brother's item. and lower left is the top surface of the platform.

Here's how they attach to the pedal. They easily snap in with hand force - the plastic ones threatened to break during each insertion!

And one final picture of one installed on my pretty crank arm.


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