Flex Lanterns

Two Lux1 self-charging lanterns with current regulation, eight brightness levels and auto-sleep. Metal unit on the left is Li-Ion powered with a single indicator LED for charging (green) and charged (red). Unit on the right is NiMH powered (4xAA) and has LED indicators for charging (yellow), charged (green) and fault (red). Both are driven at 350mA max and feature a Tritium vial near the actuator button. The second switch on both is to remove power completely for storage. Charge port on the side of both uses a 2.1mm power plug. They will both charge from 12+VDC at 1000mA. Perfect for automotive charging. These are the most used lights in my collection

The driver, charger and battery of the Li-ion unit. Was a tight fit for the switches and all.

The driver and charger of the NiMH unit.

What happens when things get too hot on the charger board.

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